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AAAAAND there it goes. Since I can’t change their names, I decided to go for the surnames instead LOL


Let’s meet TEAM FRZN

I have not designed any weapons for them yet, but I have figured out some Semblance for them :)))

Bit of details here:

Elsa Frostbite - Team leader. Semblance is Cryokinetics. Oh, we all know what Elsa would’ve ended up with anyway LOL. Ability to create and manipulate ice and snow as much as she wants.

Anna Riversun - Elsa’s favorite sidekick. Also this is eventual Elsanna. Semblance is Semi-Immortality, which is actually just another term for rapid/massive regeneration. Think of her like Wolverine. But her Semblance is actually more of a homage to her resurrection in the movie lol

Kristoff Zen - The “Beastmaster”. Not actually. But it’s because his Semblance is Spirit Animal Manifestation and Manipulation. Basically what he does is pull a person’s “spirit animal” out of them and depending on what he gets, he may use it for defense and offense. He doesn’t use it without permission from the owner since the spirit animal’s death can also mean the owner’s death. His faunus heritage is that of a lynx.

Hans Navigare - The mimic. His deceptive attitude is still present in this AU, but he’s a pretty good ally here. Semblance is Mirroring. With Mirroring, he can “mirror” or imitate something from a particular thing and simulate it as his own. Like for example, he can turn his hand into a Grimm’s hand if he wishes to. He can also mimic powers, but it could cost much Aura depending on the type of power. I guess you can liken him to Rogue from X-Men.


Now idk anymore haha

Feel free to use the Crossover AU if you guys like

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